Chatbots in Marketing

The next digital marketing trend is using chatbots to market and advertise. Businesses have been using chatbots for quite some time now, and marketing is capitalizing on the trend in a significant way.

Chatbots on Social Media

Chatbots are finding multiple applications in digital marketing-helping brands to interact with customers better and offer them a superior experience. For instance, Uber now allows users to request an Uber ride through their Messenger app. Integrating marketing channels with the point of purchase, chatbots are not only making the customer experience more seamless but shortening the purchase cycle too.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things which are hardly possible to others.

AI-driven Chatbots

An AI-powered chatbot is capable of delivering a personalized experience to clients and customers. Bank of America’s chatbot is capable of handling any customer query, with predictive analytics, can anticipate customers’ needs and guide them through complex banking procedures. These chatbots can even help customers to make payments, check balances, or save money. These experiences are going a long way in assisting brands in positioning themselves as ‘customer-first.’

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